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Chaz Okaro

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Chaz Okaro

Echezona Okaro, 37, better known as Chaz by friends and family, is a native of Southern California, residing in Dallas-Fort Worth since 2015. A proud father of 4 and husband to his wife Natosha, Chaz works full-time in the telecommunications industry as a people leader specializing in Tech Sales. When not "adulting", you can often find Chaz and his wife traveling, attending concerts and small venues featuring live music, and maintaining their self-proclaimed titles as Foodies. Born to a Nigerian father and African American mother from the South, Chaz has a unique cultural background; He attributes his love for diverse foods and an openness to try anything at least once to exactly this.

Recent studies have found that people, no matter their background, tend to associate extended feelings of happiness when spending their money on experiential purchases versus material ones. People also reported better moods after being reminded of their experiential purchases versus material ones. These are the feelings and emotions Chaz looks forward to helping you create by being your trusted travel advisor. It is what influenced his aspirations to join this industry after realizing those same sentiments when reminiscing on his own travels. Chaz feels everyone deserves to experience his motto of living "More Life." In his words, it means "Enjoying family, planning that trip, buying those tickets, saying yes to invites more often, and just overall enjoying life!"

Chaz understands that providing a knowledgeable and memorable client experience is critical to any business relationship. Through that philosophy, Chaz hopes to earn the right as your travel advisor to serve his future clients and gain their repeat business, while growing his footprint through referrals. Whether you're a skilled traveler or inexperienced, allow Chaz to guide and curate those lasting memories for your next getaway and make an investment in experiencing "More Life."


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