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Bringing new, worldly experiences to the beginner and savvy traveler. Travel Goddess International strives to provide an ease to the process of vacation planning, through personalized solutions at an affordable price. Our friendly, knowledgable and well traveled team, help educate, inspire and bring "vacation goals" to life, for each and every client.

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Usher in a world where more people enjoy unforgettable vacation experiences, creating more stories to share and bridging the gap across borders. Education through travel can't be taught. #ThinkAboutIt

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We bring dreams to life.


We listen, we care, we serve.


We understand our clients' needs through open communication.


We work hard, so you don't have to.

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Brittany Garrett

Brittany Garrett

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born and Raised in the 215, Brittany Garrettt, affectionately known as "Brittles", considers herself a proud Philadelphian, having resided in various parts of the city. By day, Brittany works as a healthcare professional, ensuring the needs of her clients are met and by night, she enjoys finding themed spots around the city and surrounding counties, that serve a nice glass of wine.

An avid reader, and writer, Brittany writes poetry and lyrics curated for people to vibe out, or to just release some stress. She considers herself a foodie! Brittany's love for food has taken her on road trips specifically with the intention to devour a good ol' Poboy, or some southern made shrimp and grits. Brittany shares how she is no stranger to hopping on a flight, just to eat somewhere new! A lover of pleasures found in one's own backyard, Brittany has visited almost all East Coast states, some West Coast states including Nevada, California, & Arizona and a good amount of Texas.

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Tiffany Wilson

Tiffany Wilson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tiffany Wilson, 28, is a native of Philadelphia, PA, having spent her formative years and adulthood in the city of brotherly love. Tiffany has a young daughter who, she shares, keeps her on my toes and extremely busy. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, a licensed Esthetician, a property owner, a tech agent, all while owning a beauty bar located in West Philadelphia, Tiffany is no stranger to putting in the work to yield results. She has trained over 150 women in the beauty industry and enjoys "keeping herself busy", always seeking new opportunities to expand her skills.

Tiffany's love for traveling started as a young girl, as her mother worked for an airline, thus always taking their family on little getaways. By the age of 10, Tiffany had traveled to 3 countries, a dozen cities and even experienced a few cruises. Tiffany shares that she has always viewed traveling as the ultimate adventure! She loves that traveling exposes you to new people, different ways of living & thinking, and opens up your mind to a world of possibilities.

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Ajanae Allen

Ajanae Allen

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ajanae Allen, 25, is a native of Philadelphia, PA. Aside from working a full time job as an O.R. technician, Ajanae focuses on prioritizing the things that delight her, such as: self care, reading new books, working out, hanging out with family & friends, as well as browsing the web for fun recipes to try and exciting vacations spots to visit.

Ajanae's passion for travel began at the early age of 7. Every summer she and her family would take multiple trips throughout the season. Ajanae shared, how she always looked forward to exploring new places with her loved ones. Many times, her parents would even keep the destination a secret, until their arrival! Ajanae enjoyed this element of surprise to her travels as a child and promised her adult self to continue on with this type of adventure tradition.

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