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We are committed to ...

Bringing new, worldly experiences to the beginner and savvy traveler. Travel Goddess International strives to provide an ease to the process of vacation planning, through personalized solutions at an affordable price. Our friendly, knowledgable and well traveled team, help educate, inspire and bring "vacation goals" to life, for each and every client.

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We aim to ...

Usher in a world where more people enjoy unforgettable vacation experiences, creating more stories to share and bridging the gap across borders. Education through travel can't be taught. #ThinkAboutIt

We hold dear ...


We bring dreams to life.


We listen, we care, we serve.


We understand our clients' needs through open communication.


We work hard, so you don't have to.

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We Stand By Our ...

Years of Service


Clients Served


Getaways Booked


Destinations Visited


and counting

with care

with precision


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Meet Your Travel Goddess



Laurina Blay

Laurina Blay

Trenton, New Jersey

Meet Laurina, an American born Liberian girl with the travel bug, from Trenton, NJ. During her junior year of college, Laurina took a leap of faith and decided, on a whim, to spend a her spring semester abroad; Those five months she spent in London, UK forever changed your new favorite travel advisor! During that time, Laurina also visited destinations like France & Italy, ultimately cementing her desire to fill life exploring the many different cultures & cuisines around the globe. From the food, to the languages and even sometimes the architecture, travel invites something new for you to fall in love with, with every passport stamp.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts, Laurina landed a stable Government job. Even while working in a full time career, she never allowed the job to stagnate her & continued to focus on her true passion: TRAVEL! To date, Laurina has been to 3 continents, 15 countries & countless cities throughout the USA, Europe & Africa.

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Raigan Wheeler

Raigan Wheeler

Baltimore, Maryland

Meet Raigan Wheeler, your Travel Advisor with a passion for exploring the world and unraveling its diverse cultures. Raigan's travel journey fully expanded during her college years when she studied abroad in India and Brazil. These immersive experiences set the course for her professional pursuits. In 2020, she embarked on her own adventure as a premium member client of Travel Goddess International, traveling to captivating destinations like New Orleans, Greece, and Bali (12 countries and counting).

Raigan's interests are as diverse as the places she's visited. She has an innate love for fashion, often drawing inspiration from the various styles encountered on her journeys. The richness of global cuisines speaks to her adventurous palate. With an appreciation for the arts and history, Raigan seeks the stories and traditions that shape the world's landscapes.

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Ashley Campbell

Ashley Campbell

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ashley Campbell, a country girl originally from Louisiana, now residing in Oxford, Mississippi, has been a Southern Belle her whole life! This 37 year old Goddess wears many hats including: wife, mother of 5 and entrepreneur of a small cheesecake business that’s rapidly growing. Ashley considers herself a free spirit that simply can’t get enough of what this great big universe has to offer. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys exercising her green thumb in her garden, baking, singing and traveling. And let’s not forget, in true Southern fashion, she loves great food and a good meal!

Family is most important to Ashley. Simply put: If they’re happy, then she's happy also. Ashley shares, over the years, she & her husband have visited many places with a couple of their favorites being Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas, but ultimately falling in love the most with Jamaica.

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