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Bringing new, worldly experiences to the beginner and savvy traveler. Travel Goddess International strives to provide an ease to the process of vacation planning, through personalized solutions at an affordable price. Our friendly, knowledgable and well traveled team, help educate, inspire and bring "vacation goals" to life, for each and every client.

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Usher in a world where more people enjoy unforgettable vacation experiences, creating more stories to share and bridging the gap across borders. Education through travel can't be taught. #ThinkAboutIt

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We bring dreams to life.


We listen, we care, we serve.


We understand our clients' needs through open communication.


We work hard, so you don't have to.

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Iyesha Key

Iyesha Key

Cleveland, Ohio

Iyesha Key, 29, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. With a master’s degree in Global Affairs, Iyesha had previously worked in the U.S. government for several years in the D.C. area. She also had the wonderful opportunity to live and work in South Korea for four years where she taught English as a second language. Today, Iyesha works as an English teacher servicing elementary school students. Aside from work, Iyesha loves to watch movies, go to cafes, shop, paint, and spend time with her cat: Esmeralda.

Iyesha always had dreams of being a traveler ever since she was a child. During her childhood, her family would take trips to various states across the country. However, it wasn’t until Iyesha was 16 years old, when she traveled to Japan, that she knew she wanted to make travel a part of her life.

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Krissy Harper

Krissy Harper

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Krissy Harper, a wife and new mother of a sweet baby girl, is a native to the Montgomery County area of Pennsylvania. Simply put: she loves spending time with her family and friends. Dedicated to working with the youth at her church, Krissy has a heart for outreach and helping others. Her hobbies include singing, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

Krissy’s love for travel started at an early age during family road trips with her siblings and cousins. A few places Krissy's visited include: Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda, and many Caribbean Islands. During her high school and college years, she traveled to South Africa and several European countries, experiencing diverse cultures and eclectic cuisines.

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Nishawn Jones

Nishawn Jones

District Heights, Maryland

Meet Nishawn Jones, born and raised in District Heights, Maryland, but now calls North Carolina, home. With an undergraduate degree in Social Psychology, Nishawn served in the U.S. Army Reserves for 9 years, and by trade is now a Human Resource professional within the healthcare industry. While Nishawn admits she does wear many hats, her favorite of all is being a mother to her children whom she lovingly refers to as: Beanie and Puddin.

Mental health and self-care have always been of the upmost importance to Nishawn, along with physical health. She loves having the ability to be present with herself mentally and enjoys a good workout session. Known amongst friends as "the queen of trying new things" and Little Miss “Ima book that flight and live my life!”; Traveling is near & dear to Nishawn, as she believes one should never spend so much time trying to make a living that they do not experience the life worth living for. Travel has always been a part of Nishawn's life since young, and it has only matured with her adulthood.

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