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Frequently Asked Questions

The Traveler

Can I add Travel Insurance to my booking after the reservation has been confirmed with a deposit?

Travel Insurance is optional and can be added to all packages. It must be paid in full at the time of booking and is unable to be added, once the itinerary has been confirmed. 

If I purchased a Travel Deal during the BOGO promotion and I cancel my travel plans, am I still eligible to receive my complimentary vacation experience?

Should you wish to cancel your reservation and purchased your vacation package during our Buy One, Get One promotion, you will forfeit this reward. To retain your BOGO offer, we encourage you to change your travel dates and/or destination, as needed, instead of completely cancelling your booking.

What is the difference between a Travel Deal and a Consultation?

Travel Deals take the work out of researching your perfect vacation. These pre-packaged getaways are set and cannot be altered, but are designed with one's ideal experience in mind. Consultations allow you to customize your next vacation, working directly with one of our Travel Advisors to put together your desired getaway. Clients receive up to five (5) quotes (based on selected consultation type) to discover which package matches your perfect vacation experience. 

Once I purchase a Consultation, how long do I have to book my vacation package?

Once your Consultation is received, your request is valid for up to 30 days from the time of submission. In most cases, after receiving quotes, clients are prepared to make their selection and apply a deposit, within 14 days. Nevertheless, your designated Travel Advisor is available to assist during this timeframe. Note: rates are subject to change until payment is applied.

Based on the budget listed on my Consultation form, am I guaranteed a Quote that meets this number?

It is our privilege to provide you with unforgettable vacation packages to review. Our Travel Advisors work diligently to present Quotes that are most in line with the details shared on a Consultation form. Nevertheless, if your desired experience exceeds your budget, we will always present at least one option for you to consider and see how your price point compares.

When is the earliest I can begin planning my next vacation?

Airlines release their airfare schedule 11 months prior to departure. Because of this, our Advisors are prepared to assist with requests that are 11 months or less from the date of departure.

Once a Travel Deal is posted, how long do I have to secure the featured package?

When packaging Travel Deals, we often find "flash sales" from the airline. Because of this, rates are typically valid 4-10 days (or less), depending on how far out the departure date listed.

When is my final payment due?

For all vacations booked with Travel Goddess International (TGI), your final payment (balance) is due 45 days prior to departure. We are unable to grant extensions on this timeline, as this policy is set by our suppliers. Vacations left with a remaining balance after the designated due date, are subject to automatic cancellation.

I'm interested in a specific Travel Deal that I saw featured on the TGI Instagram / Facebook, but it is not showing up on the website. How do I book this trip?

If the Travel Deal is no longer visible on our website, this indicates the package price has expired. Should you wish to plan a similar vacation experience that meets your needs, we encourage you to submit a Consultation and let a Travel Advisor find the perfect package for you.

How can I get my vacation photos featured on Travel Goddess International's social media?

We love seeing vacation photos from our clients' experiences! As you capture and share your vacation moments during travel, via social media, please be sure to use our hashtag (#TGITravels) and tag us along the way, so that we can follow your adventure! Upon your return, you'll receive an email featuring our Satisfaction Survey. We encourage you to complete this questionnaire regarding your overall TGI expereince and attach photos from your trip, to be featured. 

If I use up all my allotted Quotes during my Consultation, but still do not find a package that suits me, what are my options?

Our Travel Advisors curate your Quotes based on the details shared in your Consultation submission. We understand that as you mature through the planning stages, your needs and desires may change, thus, we offer an adequate amount of Quotes to help you along the way. Once you've exceeded your Quote allotment and a selection has not been made, you are required to submit a new Consultation form to continue the planning process. 

The Advisor

How do I get Travel Agent rates?

Travel Agent rates are not available through automated booking engines. Suppliers (hotels, cruise lines, etc.) require that you call them directly for these priveleges. Here are easy, step-by-step instructions:

  • Determine the Suppliers (hotel, car rental agency, cruise line, vacation company. etc.) through your own research.

  • Don't forget FAM Trips. Short for Familiarization Trips, FAMs are provided by travel suppliers like hotels, cruise lines, resorts, vacation and tour companies exclusively for Travel Advisors (spouse/companion usually welcome at the same rate or with a modest supplement). FAMs are designed to "familiarize" travel advisors with specific travel offerings in an effort to encourage your recommendations and sales.

  • Advisors typically receive deep discounts - often up to 80% - to help you travel more and market to clients.

  • FAM trips are NOT commissionable for Travel Advisors

How do my clients make changes and/or cancellations to their bookings?

For security reasons, and to keep clients from accidentally removing important travel arrangements, suppliers do not typically allow clients to make updates to their booking; they prefer working with the Travel Advisor directly. How to cancel/change depends on the supplier and the type of travel booked. Clients should follow the isntructions always included in the email confirmation. If a client contacts you, be sure to take the necessary steps for them immediately, by emailing Cancellation policies and any penalties vary by supplier, are always disclosed prior to purchase, and listed on all confirmations.

What things should I look for when securing hotel reservations?

With all of our exciting hotel options, please ensure that you carefully read the booking details and cancellation policies for each hotel reservation. Some bookings will display "book now/pay now nonrefundable". All may have cancellation penalties, so it is also imperative to understand the property's cancellation penalties prior to confirming.

How do I register on supplier websites?

Most suppliers' websites ask for two types of identification: your personal contact information as a Travel Advisor, and the contact/identification information for you Agency, which in your case is Nexion. Unfortunately, some suppliers' organization sites may not be clear in the way they ask for information; in such cases please contact for assistance.


Agency Name: Nexion, LLC.

Agency Main Telephone: (408) 280-6410

Agency Address: 6565 N. McArthur Blvd, Suite 400

Irving, Texas 75039

Nexion's Agency Identification Code (ARC, CLIA, IATA, etc.): See your Welcome Letter/Email

Agency E-mail:

IMPORTANT: Do not change the Agency's official information in a supplier's database by entering your personal information instead. When in doubt, call or email support for the supplier's website you are working on, OR contact

What are Travel Goddess International's hours of operation?

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST, Saturday: 10:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST, Sunday: Closed

Do I have to take a test or complete classes to be a Travel Advisor?

There is a simple online video course every Advisor should complete in order to learn the basics of how to operate and market yourself as a trusted Travel Advisor. Ongoing training modules are presented, to keep your skills sharp and ensure you're knowledgeable of updates around the travel industry. Nevertheless, these are not required.

Can I use my own logo on marketing materials?

Travel Goddess International encourages its Travel Advisors to employ creativity in their marketing of TGI services, through providing pre-designed marketing materials that may be customized. To protect all of our Advisors, and the quality of the company's image, there are several important and strictly enforced rules to follow:


You are not permitted to develop an original logo that utilizes your personal and/or company name and features all of your own personal contact information. One of the greatest benefits to being a Travel Advisor of Travel Goddess International, is access to all our resources and already loyal clientele. The use of personal details to promote travel, is strictly prohibited.


We welcome you to use Travel Goddess International, in any way, on your promotional materials, to use for your promotional efforts. Should you wish to create your own ads and/or make adjustments to the ones provided, your design must be submitted for approval to To maintain the quality of our business, and to protect the professional integrity of our Advisors, your final designs or materials must be reviewed. Written approval must be provided, prior to use. This is in accordance with your agreement as an independent Travel Advisor with Travel Goddess International. 

How are my commissions paid?

Once a commission is received from the vendor (typically 10 - 20 days after travel has been completed) and ready for Advisor payment, will an Advisor receive their commissions. Commissions are paid twice monthly and are directly deposited into your bank account specified.

How do I report my commission income on my taxes?

In accordance with applicable US laws, all individual Travel Advisors whose annual earnings total $600 or more, will be provided Form 1099 income reporting statements. If your Social Security number is not on file with Travel Goddess International, you are required by law to provide it upon request. Travel Goddess International uses secure systems to protect your personal information.

How much commission will I earn?

As a Travel Advisor of Travel Goddess International, you will be paid up to 70% of the commissions for your bookings, with no sales quota or qualifications required. Supplier commissions range from 8% to 25% of the travel purchase (not including taxes and fees), with most in the 10% to 15% range.

How do I earn commissions?

Commissions on travel sales are paid to the Travel Advisor for bookings of airline tickets, cruises, hotels, car rentals, vacation and tour packages, travel insurance & more, with a surplus of suppliers worldwide, to nearly every destination in the world. You can book most travel conveniently through the online reservation systems. Our program also allows you the flexibility to call suppliers directly, book on supplier's travel agent-only websites and utilize most other available methods subject to Travel Goddess International's guidelines.

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