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Joi Grant

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Joi Grant

Meet Joi (Joy with an I) Grant, a 27 year old mother to three beautiful babies: Jordynn, Arrione and Austyn. As a New York City based flight attendant for a major US airline, Joi is no stranger to travel being life, literally! A current resident of Philadelphia PA, (heavy on the 215!), Joi enjoys having a grand time and being the highlight of someones day; making everyone around her laugh on a daily basis is important to Joi, who understands life is too short to not be happy!

Joi was introduced to her love for travel as a young kid. Her parents didn't do birthday parties, they booked vacations instead. Whether domestic or international, they made sure it was an unforgettable experience, to which Joi pays forward today. Joi's love for travel expanded while attending Bodine High School for International affairs; specifically over her senior trip to Costa Rica. Joi shares how experiencing Costa Rican culture and gaining so much knowledge through this unique opportunity, truly changed her mindset and opened up a whole new world. Today, Joi desires to teach her children about life through travel, providing them hands on experiences in different countries.

As your travel advisor, Joi's goal is to be the highlight of your travel experience. Whether your a mom who's in need of a break, friends wanting to turn up, taking a family vacation with the kids or a couple seeking to spice things up in their relationship; Joi is here to make the process of planning travel and gaining experiences, so much easier. As a flight attendant, Joi has visited many destinations, which allows her to best curate your getaway, using her line of work to recommend amazing excursions, hotels/resorts and places to eat. Now let's take the stress out of travel!


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